iPhone: The Official NASA App

In this week's episode of App Judgment, David Prager reviews NASA's foray into mobile apps with NASA for the iPhone.

Nasa is all about exploration, science, and experiments, but they also put an incredible amount of effort into educating and making information available about all of their missions to the public. The NASA iPhone app is another way of making mission information accessible, this time through your iPhone.

Inside of the app you'll see four menu items on a bottom nav bar that correspond with missions, images, videos, and updates. Each of those is really just a customizable filter of NASA content.

I think the best part of NASA's app is sorting through missions. Here you can scroll through nearly 50 active NASA missions. They are filtered into 7 categories such as Moon and Mars, Earth, Solar System that let you customize your master list.

When you select a mission, you can read an updated summary about it in a middle box, the amount of time that has passed since the mission began (or a countdown timer of when a mission scheduled to begin - like a launch countdown). Across the top nav bar buttons for video, images, and updates associated with the mission you're exploring that are updated regularly.

One of the most impressive features for certain missions that include satellites orbiting the planet earth, like the international space station, is that you can actually track where it currently is from a latitude and longitude perspective overlaying a google map of the world.

Review by: David Prager