iPhone: scanR - The All-In-One Printer, Scanner and Fax

In this week's episode of App Judgment, David Prager reviews a Business Center for the iPhone called ScanR. If you can scan, fax, and print from your iphone, then apparently you’ve got a business center in your hands – and the early stages of a plan for global domination.

The main thing ScanR does is convert images from your phone to adobe PDF’s and lets you share them via email, as an sms, or as a traditional fax. The scanner is the phone’s lens and your intended targets are primarily printed documents, business cards, and whiteboards.

The most impressive thing about scanR is it's ability to create genuine adobe pdf files out of pretty much anything. I took a snapshot of a printed document in relative low light, ScanR quickly archived the raw image, but also converted it to a PDF and used an optical character recognition (OCR) engine to captured 100% of the page as searchable text. Pretty cool.

I scanned another page, though, that included a flow chart. I got the same impressive looking pdf, however the diagrams rendered the OCR pretty much useless.

Now on to the print and fax feature. Printing and faxing is exactly the same thing. ScanR can send any document you've got as a fax to pretty much any fax machine in the world. If you have your own printer/ fax machine, that's how you print from your iphone. I guess a lot of businesses still use fax machines, but I find them to be a bit of an old paradigm and not all that useful. Nevertheless, a cool and impressive feature that terminates to the PSTN.

scanR is a simple and powerful app with some really cool and impressive functions. It should definitely cost a few bucks, but i think the price point of $25 is just a streatch for too many people unless it targets some very specific needs.

Review by: David Prager