iPhone: To-Do Apps

Organize your life with portable productivity apps! David Prager reviews a couple of mobile productivity apps for the iPhone. This is the first of a two part series and focuses on Evernote and Remember the Milk.

Do you have trouble staying on task and organizing everything you do efficiently? Or do you just want to be even more productive? Well, there are a ton of productivity apps for the iPhone and this first in a two part series will focus on "Evernote" and "Remember the Milk".

Review by: David Prager


Evernote is an extensive application of which the iPhone app is merely an additional tool for creating notes that sync between a web app and a desktop app. The primary functionality of Evernote is to be able to take notes, recall, and organize everything that happens in your day to day life.

You can save memos, photos, web clips, documents, itineraries, and to-do lists among other things. Everything is synced with Evernote and accessible via the desktop app, their website, and of course, the iPhone.

The iPhone app provides four major functions on the default screen. The functions are the primary ways to create or add new notes to from your iPhone to your Evernote database - upload existing images from your iPhone, take new images to upload, record and upload voice recordings, or simple typed text.

When you select notes on the bottom navigation bar, you'll get almost instant access to every note that has ever been created and can quickly search for anything from all of them.

The focus of Evernote is less on organization and getting things done and more on recalling and logging things of note and importance. More than just the iphone app is required to take advantage of evernote's extensive number of impressive features. It's all free - but you'll find yourself limited without fronting a 5 dollar a month or 45 dollar annual fee.


Version 3.1.0 | Developed by Evernote | Free

- Take image, text, and audio notes/ideas from anywhere, anytime.
- Data stored on the cloud for access from any device
- Well designed/developed with many impressive features

- Must be online to access notes unless they're marked favorite
- Getting things done and organizing is not the app's focus
- $45 Pro version is needed use Evernote effectively

Remember The Milk

In the app store, remember the milk is listed as free. Be sure to read the fine print - it is a free trial and $25 a year for a pro account if you want to continue using it. At least they figured out how to keep apple from getting it's 30% cut.

The key features of the app are task management by type of task, priority, due dates, time estimate, tags, location plus a few more. All of your tasks sync to a web server making it available anywhere by default including the more commonly used web interface.

Editing and modifying tasks from the iPhone is very intuitive and allows you to do things like swipe across a task to complete it, date and time pickers use the standard wheel controls or can be manually entered. Even cooler, you can check off as many tasks as you like and postpone them!

Remember the Milk is simple to use, easy to update and modify, and feature rich including options for stuff like email, IM, and SMS updates.

Remember the Milk

Version 1.1.1 | Developed by Remember The Milk Pty Ltd | Must have $25 Pro Account

- Simple and easy to use interface
- Integrates with Gmail, Google Calendars and Apple iCal
- Manage/update task lists no matter where you are

- It's deceptive to list the price as free when it's truly a "trial" for a $25 app
- Seeing the whole task title and notes requires a few clicks