Sing with the Glee app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

Fellow Gleeks unite! Sing with Rachel, Finn and other Glee characters with this new app!

Smule, the makers of the I am T-Pain and Ocarina app, have designed a new iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad app based on the hit television show Glee.

It's a karaoke app that provides the lyrics and background vocals! While you sing and create your song, the App will enhance your voice and correct your pitch using technology Smule developed

The App will even harmonize your voice in real-time, creating a second, third, and even fourth voice. When you are done recording, you can share your track via email, Twitter, and Facebook!

Even better, you can join the Glee world and upload your song to a radio tower and share with other Gleeks! If you like, you can join their song, rate and comment.

Top start, you get 3 songs free, but other songs are 99 cent in-app purchases.

Glee is available at iTunes for $2.99.