iPhone: eTextbooks

Annie Gaus reviews eTextbooks for the iPhone, an app that lets you access digital versions of college textbooks--at a big discount.

We all know that textbooks can be very expensive--sometimes costing hundreds of dollars a semester--and can be a huge pain to carry around with you. This semester, eTextbooks by CourseSmart LLC provides a mobile alternative for students and teachers alike. Set up an account at www.coursesmart.com first, then search for digital versions of the titles you need--which are usually available for about half of what you might pay elsewhere. You can then access the texts from your iPhone or iPod Touch anywhere you have an Internet connection.

CourseSmart may not have all of the titles you need, and the current version of eTextbooks does not include a note-taking feature. But buying at least some of your books this way could save you money, and the user-friendly interface makes for the perfect cramming tool for students or teachers on the go. So for iPhone or iPod touch users, we recommend downloading eTextbooks.

Review by: Annie Gaus