Find any iDevice quickly with Find My iPhone!

Use "Find My iPhone" to easily locate any lost or stolen iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It's free! Well... kind of.

Find My iPhone is an all-in-one solution for finding any iDevice quickly and easily. It began as a web-only application inside of the Mobile Me suite of applications from Apple. Now, with the Find My iPhone mobile app, if you misplace your iPhone you don't have to run to the nearest laptop-- you can use any of your other devices to locate it. For added security, If your device is ever lost or stolen you can use the Remote Lock and Remote Wipe features to lock down and protect your personal information. It's a free download, but there's a catch: you still have to be a MobileMe member to use the app. So yes, it's free, but with a $99/year subscription. So is this nifty feature worth the cost of a membership? What about the other Mobile Me applications? Graham and Mau give their opinions and discuss their experience of using Find My iPhone one fateful night last fall when Graham's iPhone 3G was stolen at a bar in San Francisco.

Review by: Graham Hancock

Judgment (Graham): Download Judgment (Mau): Don't Download