Hot New Game for the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch: We Rule!

We Rule is the hot new farm-tending social game is all the rage for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch... and it is NOT Farmville!

Farm tending pros (like Producer Eileen) and noobs (like Mau) alike will find joy in this hot new game for the iPad. Gain experience points by harvesting crops, collecting taxes on homes you build, or simply by decorating your farm and upgrading structures, and level up - all in real time. There's no pretend 12 hours that actually takes 2 minutes, no, If you plant Carrots at noon, you're going to have to Harvest them at Midnight that night or else your carrots will wither and die and you have to clean up the mess. With just a few real time exceptions, and options to enhance your farming experience with cold hard cash, find out if We Rule is just a FarmVille rip-off or worth the download!

Review by: Mauricio Balvanera and Eileen Rivera