iPhone: TomTom

Is turn-by-turn navigation worth $100? We loaded up TomTom for iPhone and took it on the road, from tight city streets to long highway trips.

Thinking about turn by turn navigation for your iPhone? The apps, like TomTom for iPhone are here, but the iPhone isn't the perfect platform: it doesn't do background processing.

Why? If you take a call or launch another app, your nav app shuts down and has to re-calculate its position when you re-start.

We show you how to get around this in our review of TomTom for the iPhone, so you don't miss any turns if you talk a long phone call!

Thumbs up only if you're desperate to get turn by turn nav on your phone, or save money over the $10 a month fee AT&T is charging.

If you already own a dedicated GPS device like Patrick does... don't download TomTom.

Review by Patrick Norton.

TomTom for iPhone

Version 1.0 | Developed by TomTom | $99.99

• Solid Navigation
• Works even if no cell service
• Feels like an iPhone app, still familiar to TomTom users
• Works in Portrait and Landscape mode
• Speedy re-calculation if you go off path

• No text to speech
• No real time traffic option
• Slow compared to dedicated GPS (may be faster on 3Gs)
• No integrated web search for POI/real time traffic data
• Won't run on older iPhones or iPod Touch (support for both expected soon)