Battle Bears: Zombies! iPhone and iPod Touch Gaming

Can you keep Oliver, The Battle Bear, alive? Trust us, some this teddy bear is not for your toddler!

You know you're in for an interesting Appjudgment shoot when the host rolls into the studio wearing his CREATURE HOODIE SASQUATCH WILD THING EDITION, carrying a semi-automatic weapon and jabbering on and on about blowing the heads off of Giant Pink Teddy Bears that want to hug Oliver, the Battle Bear to death.

Welcome to the world of BATTLE BEARS: ZOMBIES! It's a first person shooter that works perfectly within the iPhone touchscreen, it's a little twisted (You're Oliver, the Battle Bear, and things just get weirder from there), and it's not, as our host Patrick Norton notes, the game that's going to replace Sheep Launcher Plus! at the top of his two year old's list of fun games.

Review by: Patrick Norton