iPhone: Quicken Online Mobile

Stephanie Chu reviews one of the top iPhone apps for the back-to-school season that can help students to manage their money - Quicken Online Mobile.

This school season, use your iPhone or iPod Touch to stay on top of your financial balances with Quicken Online Mobile. This app can help you decide on the fly if you can indulge in spending or if you should save up enough cash for next time. Paired with your online banking login for most banks (except Wells Fargo), you can track financial goals and see instantaneously whether you're at risk for overspending. Other features include manual cash tracking, an ATM locator to avoid fees from your bank, and a daily refresh of account balances.

For Wells Fargo customers, this app is not recommended, as that particular bank does not allow storage of financial information. The user experience takes a huge since you must refresh data manually from the Quicken website. Therefore, we suggest waiting for a future release of the app.

Review by: Stephanie Chu