iPhone: Simplify Media 2

If you're having trouble shoe horning the music you want onto your iPhone or iPod Touch, you may want to take a look at Simplify Media 2. Mauricio Balvanera gives you the run down on the music streaming application.

Simplify Media 2 allows you to connect to your PC's music library at home, regardless of whether the machine is a PC, Mac, or Linux Box, and stream to your phone or iPod Touch. Simplify Media 2 even allows you to add up to 30 friends and perform searches of all accounts as if it were one large consolidated library. Additional features such as last.fm integration really make this app a fine addition to your media arsenal.

The downside to Simplify Media 2 is the time it takes to buffer music while on the edge network, as well as Apple's unfortunate "no background processing" guideline that stops music playback if you leave the application.

Review by: Mauricio Balvanera