iPhone: Facebook

There's been a major update to the iPhone Facebook app! Stephanie Chu breaks down why there's so much buzz about this release.

If you've used the Facebook 2.0 version of this iPhone app, you'll likely agree that this no longer feels like a watered down version of viewing and using the website.

Among the new features is a fantastic user interface update with a similar feel to the iPhone OS, and a customizable page to bookmark your favorite pages. There's also a ton of features that weren't available before, like viewing/writing Notes, a revamped search of friends, everyone, and pages, more control over your personal profile, and awesome photo management.

The list of features goes on and on, and we also shed some light on some things we'd like to see, such as Facebook video playback, status messages, profile editing, and friend removal.

With two additional releases to improve the already great 3.0 version, it's clear that Facebook has created a top-notch iPhone app. Watch the episode for a full review!

Review by: Stephanie Chu