Three Polaroid Style Image Apps for the iPhone!

There's something charming about old Polaroid photos. Maybe it's the hip bordered film... or maybe it's the way they're in your iPhone! Check out three apps that might be worth the shake.

In this Viewers Choice episode of AppJudgment, Stephanie Chu takes on image apps that bring you back to the days of instant Polaroid pictures.

Many tech-savvy photographers are sending their pictures straight to the web, much like AppJudgment viewer, Carl, who writes in: "I've been thinking of starting Project 365, and I wanted to present my photos in a various number of ways. I have a certain nostalgia for Instant, Instax, or Instamatic cameras, but now that those cameras are long gone, the enjoyment of participating while a photo develops is all but lost. I saw the review of SwankoLab, but is there any app that will bring back the days of Polaroids? Are any of the apps worth the shake?"

Check out Polarize, ShakeItPhoto and Hipstamatic.

Review by: Stephanie Chu