Star Wars: Battle for Hoth Comes to the iPhone!

Get excited, Star Wars fans! We take a look at Star Wars: Battle for Hoth, which is a tower defense game made for the iPhone.

Star Wars: Battle for Hoth is a classic tower defense game, but the characters and details are anything but ordinary. Get ready for waves of familiar enemies who want to invade - it's your job to defend your tower with shooters and several other weapons.

If you're unfamiliar with Star Wars characters, you may be overwhelmed with the high amount of characters and defense weapons, but have no fear. There's a guide to help you with movies interspersed between levels of play.

However, get ready for a lot of reading, because the controls aren't entirely intuitive at first. Once you understand, game play is fun, but a little slow. You may even want to play in fast forward!

We give this a "don't download" judgment based on the addictive quality and graphics, but if you're really a Star Wars nerd, you're gonna love seeing all your favorite characters in action.

Review by: Stephanie Chu