ZombieSmash for the iPhone

Are you fast enough (and smart enough) to fight the zombies? Stephanie Chu reviews ZombieSmash, a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Zombies are really in this year in the world of apps. Between Plants & Zombies, Call of Duty, Zombieville and more, it seems there is no end for the undead. This game for the iPhone and iPod Touch throws a seemingly endless stream of zombies at you, who somehow still exist to invade your castle. You must keep the invaders away as best as you can before they cause too much damage to your home. When the health bar runs out, you've lost!

In this episode, see how to play the game and learn about all the features, good and bad.

P.S. Stephanie says she can't beat level 22, but at the time of this episode's release, she has reached level 29. Woot!

Review by: Stephanie Chu