Zombie Wonderland for the iPhone

Machine guns, fire, zombies, gore and guts? Sounds just right! Stephanie Chu reviews Zombie Wonderland, a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Zombie Wonderland is the latest from Chillingo available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It's all about defending establishments against the walking undead. You'll start with story mode, which teaches you how to play the game before you can jump into survival mode.

Chuck is the character that defends the house against the constant stream of zombies that approach from all angles. You are simply an assistant that scouts the perimeter by swiping the screen and checking out a 3D view of the house. When you see the enemy, tap to set the target, and Chuck will do the rest, blasting the zombies away with his gun.

Watch the video to see the best features of this game as well as where it fell short.

Review by: Stephanie Chu