Photogene: Photo Editing App for the iPad


Photogene: Photo Editing App for the iPad

Enhance and share your photos! Image editing comes to the big screen with Photogene for the iPad.


Photogene for iPad

Version 2.10 | Developed by Omer Shoor | 2.3 MB | $2.99

- Lots of image editing features
- Useful preset filters
- Dropbox compatible
- Excellent sharing capability

- No layers
- Slight learning curve with UI

If you love taking photos, you may have heard of Photogene for the iPhone. But let's face it, the screen is so small that you can't get very far! Enter Photogene for the iPad. With it's larger screen, you can check out the little details in your photos and do more when it comes to retouching.

You'll be pleased with Photogene's plethora of preset filters. Novelty filters can sometimes be useless, but this app has many presets that look natural and work gracefully, complete with a thumbnail preview before you choose.

Also available are general adjustments. You not only get to correct your color, but you can use sliders to fix sharpness, apply changes to the histogram to bring balance, and even tweak the curves!

When you're done, export to your photo library, social networks, email, wireless printer, or FTP. Not bad for an inexpensive little app!


Review by: Stephanie Chu

Pros, Cons & Final Judgment

If you used the iPhone version of Photogene like I do, you're probably familiar with many of the tools. But the iPad version offers so much more, and there is a slight learning curve since the UI is so different. I did expect to see some features that kick ass in other apps, like Layers. Painting on the image in a separate layer would be rad! What Photogene has so far performs really well, and when considering recommending this iPad app, you should know that the filters are kick ass, the amount of adjustments you can make are extensive, and editing your photos is simply fun. Though I hope they'll still make UI tweaks and step to the plate with layers in the future, it's a low price to pay with with a lot of benefit. Download Photogene for the iPad.