Sarah Lane's Top 5 iPhone Apps that SUCK on the iPad!


Sarah Lane's Top 5 iPhone Apps that SUCK on the iPad!

With well over 100,000 apps for the iPhone, some of them are quite awesome. However, some of those awesome apps have fallen very short of their potential on the iPad. iPad Today's Sarah Lane guest hosts this episode to explain 5 of her favorite iPhone apps that suck on the iPad.

Review by: Sarah Lane and David Prager


Version 1.0.6 | Developed by Burbn, Inc. | 5.6 MB | Free

Instagram is like a twitter feed, but only for photos and with lots of cool image filters. They say they're working on an iPad version, and they'd better once iPad 2 gets a camera.


Version 2.2.2 | Developed by Foursquare | 4.5 MB | Free

Foursquare, now that they're heavy into photo checkins.


Version 1.2.2 | Developed by Tumblr, Inc. | 2.0 MB | Free

Tumblr - their mobile site works well on the iPad, but an app would be nice.


Version 3.3.3 | Developed by Facebook, Inc. | 4.2 MB | Free

Facebook - despite what MZ says the iPad is very mobile and has the real estate to do better than their limited iPhone app.


Version 1.3 | Developed by Yahoo! | 5.2 MB | Free

Flickr - it's a sucky iPhone app too. Yahoo just sucks all around with this one.