Preview of Mango: The Next Windows 7 Phone OS Update

Zac and Prager preview Mango, the next OS update for Windows Phone 7. Annie run though your responses from last week, and today's top stories!

Zac and Prager preview Mango, the next OS update for Windows Phone 7.

Mango will deliver more than 500 new features to push the boundaries of the smartphone experience around communications, apps and the Internet. The Mango release will be available for free to Windows Phone 7 customers and is scheduled to ship on new phones beginning this fall. More details on device update timing will be provided closer to availability. Windows Phone will also add support for additional languages, expand access to apps by launching Windows Phone Marketplace in new countries, and partner with new OEMs to enable expansion to new markets.

"Seven months ago we started our mission to make smartphones smarter and easier for people to do more," said Andy Lees, president of the Mobile Communications Business at Microsoft. "With 'Mango,' Windows Phone takes a major step forward in redefining how people communicate and use apps and the Internet, giving you better results with less effort."

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