Media Check-In: Get Glue and Miso


Media Check-In: Get Glue and Miso

Check in apps are all the rage and recently media check in apps like Miso and Get Glue have emerged giving you a way to tell your friends what you're watching or what media you're consuming and they've got some great updates.

Building off the momentum of location based check in apps like FourSquare and GoWalla, a new segment of apps that allow for check-ins has emerged, applications that allow you to check in with what your watching or what media you're absorbing.

We've covered Miso before, with their focus on checking in what movies or TV shows you may be watching, making watching television and movies social. First they were on the scene with an iPhone app, but now they've grown to an iPad app and an Android app making the number of people who can share their viewing habits even larger. Miso is a great way to share that you're watching AppJudgment or any other Revision3 show!

A similar application,Get Glue, takes it a few steps further. First it's not limited to watching movies and TV, rather expanding what you can check in about to books, video games, activities and even wine. Further, once you check in, you earn "Stickers" (similar to the badges of other apps), but Get Glue has taken this one step further by producing real life stickers that they will mail to you! So you can show the world what you like. They've even created a bunch of stickers for Revision3 shows, like the AppJudgment sticker! With apps available on the iPhone, iPad and Android, anyone can get involved.