Make the Most Out of Baseball Season with MLB Apps for the iPhone, Android and iPad


Make the Most Out of Baseball Season with MLB Apps for the iPhone, Android and iPad

Batter up! The 2010 Major League baseball season is here and of course, there's an app for that.

We're so excited about the new baseball season, that we decided to cover the MLB app for the iPhone, iPad and the Android! Does the app hold up for each platform?

Last year's MLB app for the iPhone was awesome, but how does the 2010 version hold up? MLB at bat 2010 for the iPhone is rich with information. Gameday info is available for any date, you get detailed player info, streaming audio and most importantly LIVE streaming video. If you are not an MLB TV subscriber, you get 1 free live streaming video per day. That's a game chosen by MLB. However, if you do subscribe (at $120 per season, for premium subscrition) you can stream any game, unless there are blackout restrictions. The app might be pricey for non-baseball fans, but it's a must-have for MLB fan or sports nut! It's one of the best sports applications available on a smartphone!

MLB At Bat for Android was missing last year, so MLB rolled out a new app for the 2010 season. Game audio is great for staying on top of your favorite team, but even with an MLB paid video subscription, there's no way to get live video! As much as we love baseball, the Android app just doesn't pony up and isn't worth the money or download.

The MLB at Bat 2010 app for the iPad has pretty much everything the iPhone has, but the difference is the experience on the iPad's 9.7 LED glossy widescreen. Like the iPhone and Android apps, you get live streaming audio of any team's home radio station. But the biggest selling point to us is the LIVE streaming video.While the quality is not HD and sometimes pixelated, the live streaming video aspect, along with all of the information rich features, make this app the a "must download" for any baseball fan.

Review by: Ron Richards and Eileen Rivera