HOT: Google Nexus S Unboxed and Reviewed!


HOT: Google Nexus S Unboxed and Reviewed!

The successor to the original Google Nexus One phone has arrived. Was it worth the wait?

Since HTC and Google raised the bar for Android devices last January with the original Nexus One, a ton of new cell phones have hit the market. Packing larger screens, modified operating systems, and faster CPUs, these phones have created an environment where every few months we see "the best Android phone yet." Now, nearly a year later, Google is back with another officially branded phone, this time manufactured from Samsung.

The Nexus S spec sheet is an overall improvement from the Nexus One, and attempts to keep pace with the rest of the android market. But where they've separated themselves is on the software side. While nearly every new Android phone is running a modified version of Android, plagued by carrier or manufacturer skins and bloatware, Google is promising a pure "Google Experience" with the Nexus S. They've also delivered the latest update of the Android OS, version 2.3 (or Gingerbread), to coincide with the release of the phone.

Ron and Zac waited outside a Best Buy on the morning of the release to be some of the first to get their hands on the phone, and came away with a few thoughts. Stay tuned for a full rundown of the Gingerbread update, but for now, enjoy our thoughts on the device."

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