Plizy - The Pandora of Video!


Plizy - The Pandora of Video!

Plizy is the new iPad app that curates videos for you based on your social network likes, as well as selected in app channels.

Plizy - The Pandora of Video!

Plizy is currently a closed beta, but Plizy has been kind enough to supply us with a limited number of invites. Visit" target= _blank"> to get in on the action.

Mauricio Balvanera runs you through the iPad app Plizy, your personalized video companion. Think, Pandora for the video.


Plizy for iPad

Version 1.0.6 | Developed by Milestone Project Inc. | Free

- Pre-installed channels are fantastic, simple interface, great social network integration

- A few bugs, wish it had Pandora "Quick-mix" like feature

Final Judgment:


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