Best Racing Games for iPhone! Fast & Furious and Death Rally.

These two games have floored their way into the top paid category . Are Death Rally and Fast & Furious as fun and reckless as a driving game should be?

If you've seen Fast Five, you know that reckless driving is awesome. In theory, of course. In real life, it is a pretty bad idea. But it is definitely one of the most fun things for you in the virtual world, which is why there are so many racing games out there. These two have throttled their way into the top paid category: Death Rally and an app based on the film Fast and Furious.

Review by Annie Gaus

Fast & Furious: The Game

Version 10.5.1 | Developed by I-play | $.99

- Bang for your buck
- Tons of scenes/modes

- Graphics aren't amazing

Death Rally

Version 1.3 | Developed by Remedy Entertainment Ltd. | $.99

- Simple Controls
- Addictive!

- Few tracks initially

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