RunKeeper Pro and Nike+ GPS: iPhone Running Apps to Help You Train!

If you're training for a full marathon, half marathon, or simply want to track your progress in running, check out RunKeeper Pro and Nike+ GPS. AppJudgment hosts give an in-depth discussion on their extensive use of these apps.

Mauricio Balvanera, David Prager, and Stephanie Chu have spent months testing Nike+ GPS and RunKeeper Pro during their training for their races. The guys ran the Long Beach Marathon (26.2 miles!) and Stephanie ran two half-marathons (San Jose Rock N Roll and Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco).

We discuss the features of both apps, which include pace, distance and elevation tracking using GPS. In addition, we cover the social network aspect of running apps and how we can leverage the community for real results. This includes friendly challenges, goal keeping, and live tracking with an audience.

Nike+GPS has been the default running app amongst iPhone and iPod users, but Runkeeper Pro is challenging their dominance in the field. Runkeeper bumps up the standard by adding live map tracking/transmitting of your run to your Twitter and Facebook followers as well as many social network and coaching features.

There's a big price in difference between the two apps, but take a look at both if you plan on being a serious runner... who happens to hold an iPhone.

Review by Stephanie Chu, Mauricio Balvanera, and David Prager.


Version 2.0.1 | Developed by Nike, Inc. | 11.5 MB | $1.99

The Nike+ GPS app helps you get the most out of every run by tracking where you go and motivating you to take it further.

RunKeeper Pro

Version | Developed by RunKeeper, LLC | 9.5 MB | $9.99

RunKeeper uses the GPS technology found in the iPhone to track your fitness activity, giving you comparable results to an expensive GPS watch at a fraction of the cost. Now, you can also enter your activities manually, including your treadmill runs too!