Samsung SmartTV Apps: ESPN, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Social TV!

Apps aren't just for phones anymore. We take a glimpse into the future of the app environment showcasing some apps running on Samsung's new line of SmartTVs. We'll see a few of our favorite apps ported to the TV as well as a couple Samsung exclusives.


Samsung's line of SmartTVs allow you to get more out of your TV viewing experience. Their exclusive ESPN Next Level app provides you with the latest sports news and commentary overlaying your screen while you remain tuned in to your favorite sporting event.

For those who are not sports fans, you can get your fix of classic and current movies and tv shows via the Netflix and Hulu Plus Samsung TV apps. Seamlessly integrate your Netflix queue and Hulu Plus favorites into your TV and movie viewing experience without the need for a computer.

And why should TV viewing be a solitary experience? The Social TV app, exclusive to Samsung SmartTV gives users the chance to share what they're watching through Facebook, Twitter and Google Chat. Now users can get the most out of their TVs with the power of internet connectivity and Samsung!

Review by Chris Jennings and Stephanie Chu.