Better Than Groupon? Scoutmob Gives FREE Deals on iPhone and Android App!


Better Than Groupon? Scoutmob Gives FREE Deals on iPhone and Android App!

You've probably heard of Groupon and LivingSocial, because everyone loves a good deal. But what if you didn't have to PAY for those vouchers? Stephanie Chu shows you how with the hot iPhone and Android app, ScoutMob!

If you're into finding new culinary gems, hidden pubs or sweet retail shops walking around town, you're going to want to try Scoutmob, available for iPhone and Android devices.

Scoutmob is a pretty simple concept. According to their site, they "scout" deals at places locals actually go to. If you like the deal nearby based on your GPS or chosen city, enjoy yourself, and present the app on your phone when you get the bill. No print outs, no vouchers. Deals last for a limited time, so use them once to get a steep 50% discount, then enjoy the deal again next time when you make your friend use the deal on their mobile phone.

Then you do your happy dance! This to be a great way to promote local businesses and even bring you back to old neighborhood favorites you haven't visited in a while.

But is this sustainable? ScoutMob just secured a first round of funding for $1.5 million, but how will they keep raking in the money? It turns out that ScoutMob charges the merchant each time a coupon is redeemed, and this is tracked via the app! Time will tell if this will work out for local businesses in the long run, they shouldn't take a huge hit like some local businesses do with paid vouchers and long commitments, which have unlimited buys and unpredictable return. The upside is getting new customers through the door, and who can argue with that?

Like I mentioned before, each deal can only be used once from ScoutMob. Once you go 50% off, it's hard to pay full price again. The guys who made this app realize that, so they've introduced "Return Perks", which give you extra incentives to keep coming back.

If you're visiting a new city, check out "curiosities", which will give you fun facts of the city you're in. Though it's not very extensive, these are fun to read if you get bored.

ScoutMob is available in multiple cities across the USA, so if you're in a metropolitan city, chances are you can indulge in these hot deals. More cities are coming and we predict this service is going to be huge.

Review by: Stephanie Chu.


Scoutmob for iPhone and Android

Version 2.8 iOS, 1.3.4 Android | Developed by I-play | Free

- Free deals
- Quality venues
- Increases local business

- Limited "return perks"
- Not available in smaller cities

Final judgment statement:

For those in the big cities, there's NO REASON why you shouldn't have this app installed on your iPhone or Android device. It's like free money - download Scoutmob.

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