5 Hot Sex Apps

Kids, it's time we had the talk about the birds and the bees. Annie and Jackie are here to show off the hottest sexy time apps for iPhone and Android!

Yes, it's a touchy subject (that's what she said), and yes, if sex offends you... we suggest you just Apple+Q and walk away. But if you're in for the ride, Annie and Jackie have rounded up the hottest apps for facilitating your business time for iPhone and Android!

Wingman for iPhone

Version 1.05 | 1.9 MB | Developed by Spotcheck, LLC | Free

Hot Features:
- Rejection-free flirting
- Helps you score a sweet babe
- The flirtee doesn't see the flirter's photo until he/she reciprocates


Sexulator for iPhone

Version 1.0 | .02 MB | Developed by Coconut Island Apps | $1.99

Hot Features:
- Keeps track of your sensual encounters
- Calculates and measures your sexuality level
- Helpful for other post-coitus activities and planning


Playboy for iPhone

Version 1.0.92 | 397 KB | Developed by Jump Games Private Ltd. | $0.99

Hot Features:
- The classic, official Playboy content we all know and love right at your fingertips
- Great articles (only)
- No nudity... not even a taste!


Kama Sutra/Carma Sutra for Android

Version 1.7 | .93 MB | Developed by Buzly Labs | Free

Hot Features:
- Explains positions in detail with images, comments, and ratings
- Lets you share and favorite positions
- Chose between either censored and uncensored, plus free car positions add-on


Sex SMS for Android

324 KB | Developed by Michael Quach | Free

Hot Features:
- Full of helpful little tips and information
- Favorite any tips to save for later use
- What every man (or woman) needs whispered in his (or her) ear!