Brand New! Siege Hero for the iPhone and iPad.


Brand New! Siege Hero for the iPhone and iPad.

Tired of playing iPhone games with grumpy birds in them? Well, here's one with samurai, knights, and vikings all rolled up into one fun game!

Siege Hero is a new physics game created by the producers of "Crush The Castle," a super-popular Flash game that may or may not have inspired the smash hit phenomenon Angry Birds. Siege Hero is a slightly different take on the standard physics game, and it's a lot of fun - see for yourself in our review!

Review by Graham Hancock


Siege Hero

Version 1.0.19 | Developed by Armor Games | $.99

- Great artwork & music
- Slick gameplay
- New puzzles coming

- Too easy!

Final Judgment:

While Siege Hero may look like another popular physics game, once you dig deeper it's more than a copy and it's a lot of fun! Download Siege Hero!

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