Skimble: Your New Personal Workout Trainer!


Skimble: Your New Personal Workout Trainer!

Get Skimble and you'll have your very own personal trainer in an iPad app!

There are dozens of fitness Apps out there ... stuff like iFitness and the myriad of running applications that we've previously reviewed here on AppJudgment. Today I'm going to go a little biased on you and introduce a small family of apps called Skimble, made by two personal friends of mine, Maria Ly and Gabe Vanrenen. They just released their brand new Workout Trainer for the iPad.

The App is free and when you launch it you're immediately presented with 20 categories full of different types of workouts. The categories span from Yoga, to muscle groups like arms, abs, chest and back to full crossfit workouts.

You can also browse workouts and search by keywords like abs and triceps. Every single workout or workout routine is labelled as mild, moderate, or intense and also has a time to complete and star rating associated with it.

Review by: David Prager.



Version 1.6 | Developed by Skimble, Inc | Free

- They're consistently adding new features and capabilities, many of which can and will quickly combat the a great number of the cons
- This app includes details on dozens upon dozens of workouts, complete with solid research from many professional trainers
- You can track and log and schedule all of your workouts
- You can customize and share workouts
- This is a first real social app allowing you to take the social networking mentality and apply it to everything from running and rock climbing to yoga and weightlifting

- The app is a little buggy and there are still some kinks and some general user interface tweaks to be done
- The digital voice can be rather annoying
- The categories can be a bit confusing as to what workout goes under where and why
- The education on workouts can be improved. What you need, how much weight, what kind of form to use. Static photos don't really cut it.
- To further number 4, workout noobs may have a tough time getting started with more clear recommendations

Final judgment statement:

In the end, I see Skimble's Workout Trainer as an app that needs a lot of improvement, but also has an incredible amount of potential. It is absolutely functional enough right now and stands out on its own that I definitely recommend the download..

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