Want to Show Off Your Videos? SocialCam Will Hook You Up!

SocialCam is the new way to share video from on the go! It's the new Instagram for video - and the people are using it!

Tired of just sharing photos? SocialCam is the new wave of sharing video and all you need is a Facebook account to start. Whether you are an Android or iPhone user, you can use this app for all occasions.

Lately apps like Instagram and Picplz have become super-popular, letting people easily apply artistic looks to their photos and share them across all their social networks. So far, though, sharing video hasn't been quite as easy. The guys at justin.tv are looking to change that with their new app SocialCam for iOS and Android. It is definitely easy, but this early release might be too streamlined for its own good.

Review by: Anthony Carboni


Version 1.0 | Developed by Justin.tv | 809 KB | Free

Clean, Simple Design
Easy workflow
Simple social network sharing

Not enough options
No effects/filters