The Lemmings-Like Spirits Game for iPad


The Lemmings-Like Spirits Game for iPad

Help Lead Spirits as they climb, dig, and ride wind currents to safety!

This new iPad app is a puzzle game called Spirits that i'm sure got it's inspiration from the classic lemmings video game.

In Lemmings, the objective is to guide lemmings through a maze of obstacles to a designated exit by commanding any individual to take a course of action or use a skill that alters the course of the remaining lemmings.

Spirits is the same premise, where you guide little walking spirits that look like mushrooms with legs to an exit that looks like a swirling vortex. For each level you get a pre-determined number of spirits who materialize one after the other and you've got to save a designated number of them in order to pass, as well as try and collect plants in some levels for what i'll call added "points".

Any spirit that performs an action is essentially a sacrifice, although you can make a spirit you've commanded to blow wind to stop blowing wind. One of the most interesting, and I'm guessing underused tactics in spirits, is the ability to pause the game and take your time in selecting an action.

Review by: David Prager