Microsoft's Kinectimals is Now Available on iOS, and Swivl, the Automated Cameraman!

Microsoft is bringing the adorable Kinectimals to iOS and we show off Swivl, an automated cameraman for your phone! It's like your own cameraman that fits in your pocket.

Jackie is on TV! And Mau has turned to the dark side! Or was he already on it?

Kinectimals is now available on iOS... Yep, Microsoft's Kinectimals.

The iOS Gmail app adds Scribbling, Mobile Signature and Vacation Responder.

Skype 2.6 for Android: send photos and videos, just in time for the holidays!

YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus is back in the Android Market.

What do you all think of Microsoft's new SkyDrive?

Trending high this week amongst our @Crosswalkapp group, Grocery IQ for iOS.

And Anthony gets a demo of Swivl, the automated cameraman for your phone!