No Facetime? No Problem With Tango And Skype Video Calling Apps

Love to Facetime, but don't have wifi? No problem, if you've got Tango or Skype for mobile video calls!

Apple's Facetime for iPhone and iPad really tugged on our heart strings with their ads that showed connections between loved ones. But notice that they are all comfortably at home, probably sitting pretty next to their router, because Facetime, though an amazing service, requires WiFi.

If you want to video chat while out site seeing, or from the park where only 3G service is available, check out Tango, a sweet audio and video app for both iPhone, iPad 2 and Android. The app recently received a significant round of funding, and these guys are serious about connecting people face-to-face anywhere.

Additionally, Skype is a brand we know and love by now. It's been around for a while connecting you to other Skype users for text, audio, desktop and mobile, including Android, Blackberry, select Verizon phones, and of course, the iPhone.

If you possess an iPhone, you now get mobile video calling for free to other Skype users. 3GS users can shoot with the rear camera only, and iPhone 4 users can additionally use the front facing camera with other iPhone for a more personalized experience.

With it's large user base, Skype works for text chatting and audio calling, connects to landline phones, computers and Skype enabled TVs and can even serve as a phone replacement! However, video chat only works on iPhone, not other mobile phones, and Android users can only use the app on Wifi.

I recommend that for mobile video chatting specifically, go with Tango to reach the most mobile users.

Review by Stephanie Chu.


Version 1.6 | Developed by TangoMe, Inc. | Free

- Easy to use
- Works across different platforms (iPhone, Android)

- No landline calling
- No desktop version
- Enabling front camera is tricky


Version 3.0.1 | Developed by Skype Software | Free

- Large userbase across different media outlets
- Connects for landline phones

- Despite large userbase, video chat only works on iPhone
- Android users can only use app on wifi