How Fast Can You Text? Mobile Speed Typing


How Fast Can You Text? Mobile Speed Typing

The AppJudgment crew explores the fastest ways to type text on your mobile device.

In this episode we explore what might be the most common thing you do on your mobile device, and that's certainly not talking on the phone. It's probably typing and entering data.

Our device keyboards range from teeny tiny little legacy Blackberry style push button keyboards, compressed teeny tiny touch screen keyboards, to newer innovative technologies designed to try and make mobile typing easier; stuff like the Swype plus various others.

Well, today on the show we're gonna put some of these technologies to the test as well as see what individuals might be the fastest typist around.

"Words Per Minute" is generally the standard used to measure the speed at which someone types and according to a study quoted by Wikipedia, the "average" typing speed for the average "fast", "moderate", and "slow" typists is 40, 35, and 23 words per minute respectively.

Also according to Wikipedia, the average professional typist reaches 50 to 70 words per minute with some up to 120. Arguably the fastest sustained speed recorded for 1-minute of typing is 216 words per minute.

Revision3 employees, plus one big winner from outside the company, face off showing how fast they are able to type using their input methods of choice. The competition consists of typing the following sentence once:

"The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog."

Congratulations to Matt Galligan!