New! "The Heist" Breaks Into The iPhone!


New! "The Heist" Breaks Into The iPhone!

Want to know what is behind that cleverly guarded vault? Well, if you can master these puzzles you will find out! No game spoilers today on AppJudgment!

The Heist, a brand new game for the iPhone recently stole the top spot on the iTunes store. The Heist is a puzzle game with a unique and immersive theme that is as enjoyable as it is challenging!



Version 1.0 | Developed by tap tap tap | $0.99

- Great artwork & music
- Challenging puzzles
- Immersive theme

- No real replay value until there are further updates

Final Judgment Statement:

Challenging puzzles, slick graphics and clever immersive tricks make this game worth the price. Download "The Heist"!

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