Meet Tiny Wings! Is This the Next Angry Birds?


Meet Tiny Wings! Is This the Next Angry Birds?

In only a few short weeks a colorful, cute, and addictive game named Tiny Wings has rocketed to the top of the iTunes App Store.


Tiny Wings

Version 1.0 | Developed by Andreas Illiger | 10.5 MB | $0.99

Beautiful artwork
Addictive gameplay
Relaxing music

iOS Game Center not yet supported, but coming in a future update

You have always dreamed of flying - but your wings are too tiny! In Tiny Wings you play an ambitious flight-challenged bird that must slide down hills in order to soar into the sky. The more hills you jump from, the faster you go, and the longer you can play before the night catches up to you.


Tiny Wings review by: Graham Hancock

Pros, Cons & Final Judgment:

Tiny Wings is the perfect casual game. With its bright colors, relaxing music, addictive gameplay and challenging objectives you'll get many hours of enjoyment out of this $1 purchase. Download Tiny Wings!