Become a Vulcan IRL with Tricorder for Android!

Become a Vulcan in real life with the Tricorder for Android: a true working geological, meteorological, and biological scanner!

In case you're not "in" with the Trekkie crowd, a Tricorder is multifunction handheld device used for sensor scanning, data analysis, and recording data. There are a ton of other different versions of Tricorder, specific to class like medical and engineering, but this one's just your good old fashioned run of the mill geological, meteorological, and biological scanner.

Once you launch the app, your main controls are laid out on the left side and include the Êgravitational field, magnetic field, acoustic environment, geographic information, electromagnetic spectrum scanner, and solar information.

Had enough nerd thrown on you yet? No? Good, because with highly customizable notifications and settings, this app goes even further down the spiral into Trekkie territory!

Review by: Jackie Talbott