DJ with on your iPhone. An Honest Review on Launch Day. released their iPhone app so now people can listen and DJ on turntable anywhere. But is this Beta release a little too beta?

Graham takes a critical look at for iOS just released earlier today

We also take a look at  some of the bigger hyped releases and updates at Techcrunch Disrupt this week.

Spool promises to be your Instapaper on steroids

Posterous has updated it's website and mobile app to Posterous Spaces taking a page from Google+ circles

Verizon Android phones will ship with Chomp's app search engine.

Gif creator Gif Camera for iOS is now free

TBS released their iPad app, great for your next Fresh Prince of Bell Air marathon

Androiders, go play Third Blade Now!  (it's free)

Gowalla is turning into a social travel guide after losing the location war

To-Fu 2 the sequel to our recently reviewed iOS game is out and it's free.

Formspring's, question and answer website releases their iOS app

Jetpack Joyride for a new vehicle called MR. CUDDLES

Annie guides you through our Facebook poll!