Romney Clobbers Obama with a Lightsaber, Infinity Blade Style

Political apps are heating up and a curious story of two app developers, today on Appjudgment

With United States elections coming up, many of us (at least in the US) are inundated with political advertising.

Well now there's an app to help you find the real story behind all those ads. It's called SuperPac app. It uses audio fingerprinting to identify the ad you're watching, and bring up a variety of information about who funded and created the ad, how much money they have and finally the specific claims made in the ad.

The makers of Infinity Blade just released a presidential-themed version of their original hit. Vote-The Game! Pit the two frontrunners in a mic-beating, hotdog-slinging fight to the finish complete with debates, fundraising and policy initiatives. And, of course, a reminder to register to vote NOW in real life.

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