Welcome to the Future! Translate Text Instantly with Word Lens

Word Lens is an augmented reality app that instantly translates and manipulates text using your iPhone's video camera. This is not a hoax, this is real and it is completely mind blowing.

Every once in a while some new technology comes along that takes us by surprise and reminds us that we do indeed live in the future.

Word Lens is an app that translates text in real-time using your iPhone or iPod Touch's video camera. The app recognizes text, translates it, and then overlays the translation on top of the object you're looking at. It's like putting on a pair of glasses that instantly translate printed words for you.

The app is free, but the ability to translate words comes at a cost. To use Word Lens as a translator you must purchase language packs separately at $4.99 a piece. The free part of the app includes two fun modes that can reverse or erase any text that you point your camera at.

The app works like a charm under the right conditions, but your milage may vary depending on lighting and the size & shape of the fonts that you want to translate.

Review by: Graham Hancock