Can the newest Android tablet keep pace with the iPad? Chris and Jackie share their first impressions of the brand new Motorola XOOM and it's Android Honeycomb Operating System.

We've been waiting to get our hands on the Motorola XOOM tablet since it was announced at CES. The time has finally come and we've put it through the paces to see if it can become a player in the increasingly crowded tablet market. Equipped with the blazingly fast Tegra 2 processor and the all new Honeycomb version of Android, the XOOM has all the tools to be your next gadget best friend. Sure there are some limitations but the future of Android is here and the stage is set for the great tablet war of 2011.

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Review by Chris Jennings and Jackie Talbott

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  • First tablet with Honeycomb
  • Extremely smooth and fast operation
  • Beautiful HD screen and camera
  • Needs more Tablet-specific apps
  • Expensive Price
  • Waiting for 4G LTE Upgrade