Gingerbread Xperia Play - The Playstation Phone - REVEALED


Gingerbread Xperia Play - The Playstation Phone - REVEALED

The Playstation Phone is real, and it's called the Xperia Play. Is it everything we hoped for?

This past week at Mobile World Congress, Sony Ericsson finally blew the lid off the worst kept secret in mobile tech: the Playstation phone.

Dubbed the Xperia Play, the Android 2.3 powered device packs a 4 inch screen, 1ghz Snapdragon, and, most importantly, a slide out gamepad with Playstation Suite capabilities.

The device will be the first "Playstation Certified" phone, allowing it to run the Playstation Suite and play exclusive games and legacy PS One titles. To discuss the future of the platform and whether or not it'll save Android gaming, we brought Destructoid host Tara Long in to chat about the device.

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