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  • Apple AirPods: A $159 Mistake?

    It's been roughly three months since Apple officially launched the AirPods, and people are still asking the question: Are they worth it?


  • USB Hacks for Windows, Linux, and Macs - Hak5 2124

    Building a unified cross platform USB Rubber Ducky hack payload for Windows, Linux, and Macs OSX.


  • Will the iPhone 8 Beat the Galaxy S8?

    It's a clash we look forward to every year: Apple versus Samsung, tech's equivalent to Frasier versus Ali.


  • People Outraged Over Fake Nazis, A Secret Dress, and Leaks

    Happy Monday, you Beautiful Bastards! :)

    The Philip DeFranco Show

  • Apple Watch 2: 5 Months Later - Still Worth It?

    The Apple Watch Series 2 promises to improve on its predecessor, but is it worth buying?


  • Is the Age of Apple Over?

    Facebook's Peter Thiel proclaimed Apple is dead, but we disagree.


  • Binge-Watching is KILLING THE EARTH!

    A new Clicking Clean report from Greenpeace indicates that streaming media companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Vimeo, are doing terribly!

    SourceFed Nerd

  • Get A Job Translating Emojis

    A company in London is looking to hire an emoji translator.


  • 5 Apple Predictions for 2017!

    What can we expect from Apple next year? iPhone 8? New iPad?


  • What Can the MacBook Pro 15" Handle?

    Is the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar really a pro machine?