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  • Hi-Fi Audio: Worth the Price?

    If you're looking to upgrade your audio set-up, check out these products.


  • Decrypt Morse Code via PC Sound Cards - Hak5 2108

    Decrypting Morse code with a simple terminal command and a PC sound card, this time on Hak5!


  • Your Sony CES 2016 Questions Answered: New Turntable, HDR 4K TVs & more

    Patrick Norton and Shannon Morse answer some of the best questions you posted about Sony's CES 2016 new products

    SGNL by Sony

  • CES 2016: Sony's New ZR5 Audio System (FIRST LOOK)

    The new ZR5 Audio System has just been announced at CES 2016!

    SGNL by Sony

  • CES 2016: Sony's New Hi Res Turntable - PS-HX500 (FIRST LOOK)

    Sony just announced the new Hi Res Turntable at CES 2016!

    SGNL by Sony

  • Top Tips for Setting Up Your Home For Sound

    Check out the perfect tips for setting up your home for maximum sound quality

    SGNL by Sony

  • Bluetooth Takes it Vinyl

    An awesome hack for those that want some vinyl in their lives!

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  • Hak5 Warehouse Tour and Feedback

    Projects, Connectivity, Warehouse build-out progress and more, this time on Hak5!


  • Quicktips: Audio Editing!

    Tips on audio editing!

    Film Riot

  • Beats Solo 2 Review

    It didn't take long for Beats to announce a new pair of headphones following a surprise acquisition by Apple. The popular audio brand unveiled its Solo2 headphones at the end of May, a follow up to Beats' most popular product ever. This time around, the headphones now come with improved audio quality and a revamped design-and some even better standards to withhold now that the company is under the Apple umbrella.