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  • Linux Terminal 201: Working with Storage Media, ISO Images, and MD5 Checksums - HakTip 150

    Today on HakTip we're talking about dealing with flashdrives in the terminal.


  • Linux Terminal 201: Installing and Updating Packages - HakTip 149

    Today on HakTip we're discussing packages in Linux: how to install and update packages for software!


  • How to Write Bash Bunny Payloads & Contribute on GitHub - Hak5 2126

    Writing Payloads for the Bash Bunny and contributing to the library on Github, this time on Hak5!


  • Decrypt Morse Code via PC Sound Cards - Hak5 2108

    Decrypting Morse code with a simple terminal command and a PC sound card, this time on Hak5!


  • Monitor and Benchmark Bandwidth in Linux - Hak5 2024

    Monitoring network traffic in OpenWRT and benchmarking throughput from the Linux command line, this time on Hak5.


  • Linux Terminal 201: How to Configure Startup Files

    Today on HakTip we're learning about the terminal environment and customizations


  • MOAR Linux BASH Tips and Silly Commands - Hak5 1926

    In this episode of Hak5, Darren and Shannon check out a few more fun linux commands and offer some BASH tips!


  • WINE, X11 Tools, and BASH: Having Fun in Linux! - Hak5 1924

    On this episode of Hak5 we're using WINE, X11 tools and a quick BASH script to use Darren's favorite TTS program in Linux.


  • Seek $200 Thermal Camera Hands On. Ello! Shellshock Bash Vulnerability, Screw Phablets: Best Compact Android Phone, Budget Mac Pro, Got Mom On Linux!

    Hands on with a $200 thermal camera. Ello! Shellshock Bash vulnerability, the best compact Android phone, and more!


  • A 20 Second Mac Hack + Pineapple Drones Continued

    Shannon shows us how to root her mac in under 10 seconds and Darren continues the WiFi Pineapple drone proof of concept, All that and more this time on Hak5!