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  • THIRTY FLIGHTS OF LOVING: Environmental Storytelling in First-Person - GDC Indie Showcase

    Nominated for the Independent Games Festival's 2013 Excellence in Narrative award, Thirty Flights of Loving tries to take the often-alluring environmental storytelling from first person shooters, and lets you explore it without worrying about getting shot in the head. Anthony Carboni chats with designer Brendon Chung at GDC to find out what made him want to make this game.

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  • SUPER SPACE BLANK: GDC's Indie Friendship Destroyer Hands-On

    At GDC 2013, Anthony caught up with David Scamehorn , the co-designer of SUPER SPACE BLANK to talk about the game and it's affect on relationships.

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  • GDC Indie Hit: SAMURAI GUNN! 2D Samurai Deathmatch... with Guns!

    Samurai with guns?! Anthony chats with Beau Blyth about Samurai Gunn at GDC 2013.

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  • Free Indie Rapid Fire! Noxious, Rainbogeddon, and Fail-Deadly.

    This week's games include a Pac-Man/Bomberman mashup, a student-made Dead Space-inspired shooter, and an RTS where the only way to win is to lose!

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  • What I'm Playing: The Serious Sam Indie Series

    The new Serious Sam is out. And with it comes the Indie Series, three insane re-imaginings of the Serious Sam world. Anthony runs all of them down for you.

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  • IE 9 Beats Chrome! M-Vision Cine 230 Reviewed, iPad 2 Hands On, Zediva, Adipose On Set!

    We review Digital Projection's M-Vision Cine 230 projector, get hands on with the iPad 2, walk you through Handbrake's settings, answer your Twitter questions, and feature our favorite new Blu-ray releases for March 22, 2011!


  • IT'S A TRAP! Deadly Chambers for Android Review

    Hardcore gamers don't get much attention on Android - but developers like Battery Powered Games are trying to make them happy with their latest 3D Shooter, "Deadly Chambers." Can it go head-to-head with similar experiences on the iPhone?


  • MineCraft Rules! Pandigital Novel vs. Kindle Graphite, Corsair H70 Hyrdo Cooler, Refurbished Hard Drives, Set Top Box Roundup?

    Alcohol Safety, Google Turns 12, MineCraft Creater Interviewed, Has Cake! J'aime Ohm's WiseDame crushes it at Hackathon. iPod Logic Board Repair: Upgrade or Replace? Apple TV vs. Roku XD|S vs. Everything: Can Tekzilla Do a Massive Set Top Box Roundup?


  • #320 Transformers: War for Cybertron

    Jim Festante and Nikole Zivalich are joined this week by an All-Star cast in celebration of July 4th weekend. Guests include Alison Hailsip (G4TV), Blair Herter (G4TV), Jessica Chobot (, and Sam Riegel (Transformers: War for Cybertron).

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  • Free Multiplayer Shooter: Project I.N.F. [Beta] for Android!

    Feed your real-time multiplayer top-down shooter addiction even when you can't get on that console or PC! Jackie Talbott reviews ChickenBrick Studio's Project I.N.F. Beta for Android.