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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity GAMEPLAY HANDS-ON! Co-Op, New Parkour, Huge Crowds and More

    Nick recently played a few hours of Assassin's Creed Unity, and came back with some thoughts! Check out Nick's impressions of the first next-gen AC game, including the co-op multiplayer, new parkour moves and more.


  • DEAD ISLAND 2 Gameplay Details! 8-Player Co-Op, Bigger Mobs and More from PAX 2014

    Dead Island is making the leap to next-gen, so Tara sat down with Yager's Daniel Nordlander to talk about how they're mixing up the formula - including a new setting, seamless 8-player multiplayer, bigger (and weaker!) zombies, and much more!


  • Two Players, One Body... Octodad Co-Op Madness!

    Matt, Dani, Sam, and Will try to coordinate their efforts through one wobbly human-disguised octopus.

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  • Steve & Trish do 'Shrooms - Noobs play Minecraft (Episode 5)

    I think by this time it's safe to say the Noobs are having a hard time finding food. But they do have mushrooms, so today they set out trying to make Mushroom Stew. Also it turns out that people have been busy in the server while they've been gone. What else is in store for our heroes? Find out today on another exciting episode of DRAGON BALL Z!!!!!!!!

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  • "OHH GIVE ME YOUR DELICIOUS PIG MEAT!!" - Noobs play Minecraft (Episode 4)

    They're starving. They're tired. They're lost. And they still don't really know how this whole Minecraft thing works. Today the Noobs continue their search for food. Spoiler alert: Steve finds pigs. RIP headphone users.

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  • The Noobs go Hunting! - Minecraft Noobs (Episode 3)

    Last episode the Noobs really seemed to be getting it. Built a house, crafted tools, killed zombies, etc. They just maybe kinda sorta forgot that you need to eat food. Let's try doing that today, shall we?!?

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  • "I Think I Was Inside You..." Minecraft Noobs (Episode 2)

    So after an "interesting" first step into the world of Minecraft, the Noobs have said they want to be a little less nooby. So they are back and ready to NOT die in their second episode. Let's see if that actually happens. Bets, anyone? Place your bets?

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  • LOST!! the Noobs Return to play Minecraft!

    It's here! The noobs are back & ready for... actually, they don't know what the hell they're doing. But we installed Minecraft on their computers and told them to play. Today I told them to build a house to keep them safe. Let's see how they do!

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  • BORDERLANDS: THE PRE-SEQUEL Gameplay and Interview! Cryo Damage, Low-Grav and More

    E3 continues! Tara got to talk to the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel's producers about the changes the game brings to the franchise: the new guns, new elements, low-grav gameplay and more!


  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel HANDS-ON! Gameplay, New Characters, Jetpacks and More

    Tara recently got a chance to play the just-announced Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and came away with a ton thoughts on the new characters (Athena, Wilhelm, Nisha and "Fragtrap", the militarized Claptrap), plus the new low-gravity environments, oxygen-based jetpack system, and everything else you can imagine. Onward!

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