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  • Linux Terminal 201: Customize The Shell Prompt - HakTip 148

    Today on HakTip, we're customizing our shell prompt!



    Happy Monday! Today, NBC tells Donald Trump "You're Fired," the Confederate Flag gets a "parade," AND MORE!

    The Philip DeFranco Show

  • OMG, Did You Know There Were One-Color Rainbows?

    Nature allows monochromatic rainbows! Holy cow!


  • Fix Weird Colors On Your HDTV Fast! MyMovies Plays Blu-ray ISOs. Triple WallTennas?!? Media Serving Made Easy. Will Comcast Crush YouTube? HTPC Parts

    Colors look weird on your HDTV? @Superman5000 tweets, "@robertheron i have a question on my tv yellows looks green-yellow what can i do to fix this?" We show you how to fix all the colors yourself in the video!

    HD Nation

  • Free THX Tune-Up App For Android & iOS! 24 Virtual Pixels: SD on 4K. Low Cost Projector Screen Options. Make Netflix Look Better! Deep Color?!?

    Want to make your home theater sound and look amazing? The THX tune-up app for Android and iOS is free to download through Feb. 3rd!

    HD Nation

  • Sonos Play:1 Review. Easy Gmail Backup. Kill Flash: End YouTube Buffering! TrueCrypt Security Audit??? Pick The Right Firmware For Your Router.

    On this episode of Tekzilla, we review the Sonos Play:1, talk easy Gmail backup, auditing TrueCrypt, and much more!


  • Gold iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Durability

    Jon is talking about Apple possibly adding a third color option to the iPhone 5S, Sony's rumored Honami device joining the Xperia Z lineup, the iPhone 5C's external durability, and more!


  • VFX Color Grading!

    Today Ryan shows an interesting way to get great color effects! Plus, learn how to get rid of reflections in sunglasses.

    Film Riot

  • The 16 Million Color Customizable Light Bulb

    Barrett, Glenn and Prager check out the Philips Hue, a customizable bulb that is reinventing the light bulb.

    Toasted Donut