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  • Uber Sexual Harassment Allegations Investigated by Eric Holder

    Allegations of sexual harassment and sexism at Uber's headquarters have lead to the company hiring an ex-attorney general to investigate ...


  • Sam and Filup Got Beef on Bloopers!

    Watch Sam and Filup defend their nerd honor on an all Nerd Bloopers!

    SourceFed Nerd

  • Dude Bros! on SourceFed Bloopers

    The whole SourceFed gang continues to mess up all of their lines, all of the time!


  • The Editors Respond on Comment Commentary!

    The SourceFed Editors come by for a visit, Suptic shares a horrifying tale of penis experimentation, and the Ikea meme still isn't dead!


  • Coworkers Play Porn Or Polish

    Watch the SourceFed hosts get super uncomfortable as they try to differentiate between porn titles and cosmetic names!


  • Playboy Brings Back Nude Women

    Playboy is reintroducing nudity and Harry Potter actress gets in on the action.


  • What's the Best Girl Scout Cookie? - SourceFed Podcast

    Bree, Sam, and Ava discuss girl scout cookies, stupid dog names, falling down, and so much more on this week's SourceFed Podcast!


  • Should Pewdiepie Have Apologized?

    Pewdiepie released his response to allegations that he's an anti-semite today.


  • Trash Dove Meme: Explained!

    Trash Dove is taking over Facebook. But who IS Trash Dove? Where did it come from? Does it have any hot siblings? Ava and Candace look ...


  • Is Uber The Cause of This Man's Divorce?!

    A man is suing Uber for 45 million euros.